Thursday, September 26, 2013

NHL 2013/2014 Predictions

The new NHL season is just around the corner and the lockout shortened season is well behind us. I was originally going to launch this site last year, but the lockout created too many challenges in terms of preparation and analysis. Subsequently, I decided to put things off until this season.

If you haven't read my bio, I use a lot of "advanced stats" for my NHL capping, but I also watch a ton of games and balance things out based on "feel".

The NHL is lagging far behind the other major sports when it comes to advanced metrics. That said, if you know which stats to pay attention to and how to apply them, you can find nice advantages in this market.

It's not a perfect science yet, but things like PDO, corsi, fenwick, zone starts, quality of competition, etc paint a pretty good picture of how teams/players are doing. The NHL boxscore is a badly outdated tool.

Finally, due to time restrictions with my focus on the NFL, analysis will usually be brief (if at all) until football winds down. Thankfully the NHL season is a long one and there will be plenty of time to dig further into the matchups later on.

Best of luck this season!