Thursday, May 14, 2015

NHL Playoffs 2015: Blackhawks Vs. Ducks Prediction

Chicago Blackhawks Vs. Anaheim Ducks

Market Watch

This series price opened up with coin flip odds, but we've seen a slight adjustment in favor of
Chicago. Even though the Ducks hold home ice advantage and had a smoother regular season and playoffs, the general public are likely to side with the team with championship pedigree. And once we take a closer look at this matchup, it's hard to blame them.

Bottom Line

In previous years the Anaheim Ducks were considered paper tigers because they mostly got by on high percentages, and subpar possession numbers. Some made the argument that their superior offensive depth was a driving force behind their high team shooting percentage, while others said it just wasn't sustainable. That debate has fallen to the wayside this year because they didn't rely on a high PDO this year, and they've become a solid possession team to back it up. They aren't at the level of the Blackhawks in terms of puck control, but they did finish north of 51% SAF.

Rounding things out, the Ducks are a top 10 team on both the PP and PK, and they continue to get solid goaltending from Andersen.

The problem? The Ducks don't do anything great, and they will need some great performances to beat the Hawks four times.

I think this shapes up to be a very competitive series, but I have my doubts whether or not Anaheim is ready to take that next step. I'll roll with Chicago, especially at the price being offered.

Pick: Blackhawks (-109) (2u)